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Redefining the Jewelry Industry

Mejuri is a Canadian-based e-commerce that is creating a new concept, fine jewerly for every day. That's possible by introducing fresh, contemporary designs that are brought to life by expert jewelers without compromising its quality.

The Challenge

In a world where e-commerce platforms are growing faster, we partnered with Mejuri to deliver a sophisticated and reliable experience to their customers.

The platform needed to be reliable as the best, but at the same time, look like no other.

The Develative Approach

Such a challenge required an intensive research about the behavior of the customers (things like number of purchases, units per purchase, dropped purchases) and a complete redesign of the checkout process, including integrations with Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay and others.

We’ve used Amazon Web Services to allow Mejuri to have zero downtime and scale quickly as the customer base grows.

Also we improved all the warehouse systems allowing Mejuri to process more orders in less time, decreasing delivery times so customers can receive their products faster.

The Results

We delivered a sophisticated and user-friendly UX that puts Mejuri on one of the best looking online stores on the market.

During Black Friday the platform was able to perform at its best with no downtimes, no database issues leading to more purchases and big revenue of 7.5M USD.