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Digitalizing the legal experience in Latam

Lemontech is a Chilean-based SaaS company that specialized in developing software for the legal industry. They are one of the main providers of legal solutions in Latin America.

With over 15 years of experience building products for the Legal industry, they currently have two main products CaseTracking and TimeBillingX.

The Challenge

Legaltech is one of the most popular trends these days and Lemontech, a reference in this industry, aimed to create a real-time case management system.

By automating, improving, and delivering data in an immediate and reliable way, Case Tracking was able to acquire a portfolio of more than 100 firms that required its features.

Develative was chosen to carry out part of this challenging implementation, creating and collaborating with different teams from Lemontech to convert and retain more than 400 customers.

The Develative Approach

During the first week of Lemontech road mapping session, we brainstormed and analyzed the different parts of the process involved in the data flow of his system.

Once the requirements were ready to go and having an established roadmap for each of the related services, Develative took charge of one of the fundamental pillars of the system: Data.

We built a team that was in charge of data collection, curation, and processing, ensuring the complete process automation.


  • 1 Project Manager.

  • 1 Solutions Architect.

  • 5 Backend Engineers.

In this project our team was able to not only work side by side with the customer but also educate some of their engineers on best practices in technologies like Ruby, AWS and Web Scrapping.

The Results

Develative focused on creating and optimizing the process of data collection and delivery to different services that required it, this was done in a flexible way allowing the Lemontech team to be able to increase functionalities as Lemontech grows.

After the success of this projects we continue working with Lemontech, making sure their landing on new markets is solid. We continue to digitalize, disrupt and innovate in the Legaltech space.

Lemontech closed more than 1,300 clients, 3.25x more than initially planned.

That same quarter Lemontech recovered its investment and achieved $1.5M in sales, exceeding all expectations.