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What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a type of outsourcing model where a software development company like Develative provides highly skilled developers to other companies as external employees. Augmented staff members differ from in-house staff in that they usually work remotely and on a contract basis.

Since our developers are experts in their respective fields, Develative can offer some of the industry’s best IT staff augmentation services. When there’s an increase in customer demand or a temporary spike in your company’s everyday workload, your team can confidently turn to Develative to find the best talent.

Using our staff augmentation service can help your company gain a competitive advantage. For example, if there’s an urgent need to create and market a new product or service, you can enlist incredible Develative talent to quickly build it without compromising quality.

Rather than hiring a permanent staff member with a particular skill set, your company can look to Develative to find highly-qualified specialists who are readily available to perform tasks as needs arise.

How Does IT Staff Augmentation Work?

Here at Develative, the first thing we do is communicate with your company to identify your IT staff needs, including required skills, qualifications, expertise, the number of developers, etc. Our job is to know what your company wants and deliver it.

After identifying your company’s needs, the next step is to conduct an extensive review and interview to find suitable candidates who qualify for the project. Potential applicants are those who have the right experience, skills, and attitude to do the job well.

Our work doesn’t end with finding and presenting the perfect candidates to your company. Once the agreements papers are signed, the next step is to help the new team members get accustomed to their roles.

Then, after the new team members settle into their roles, we’ll continue to support them, ensuring they exceed expectations for the project’s duration and helping your company successfully reach its goals.

What are the benefits?

A team of engineers working in an office

Best Bang For Your Buck

Our clients come to Develative because they want to reduce development costs and increase the quality of work they get. We give them both. Rather than hiring people individually, we manage talented remote teams for our clients, surprisingly, the service costs less than when they hire full-time employees themselves.
Develative has highly skilled teams in Argentina, Chile and Colombia. Our team members are the best at what they do, and working with them is cheaper than hiring in-house employees.

LatAm it's an incredible hotspot for tech talent. Countries like Argentina, Chile and Colombia are home to highly talented IT experts who can deliver top-quality software development services.

All of our developers are highly qualified. With our international talent pool, we can guarantee that your company will have access to both reduced development costs and increased skill.

Quick & Agile Hiring

The shortage of talent in the software industry in the US is big, attracting and retaining your employees has a really high cost.
With Develative's staff augmentation services, your company can rely on our extensive pool of talent from South America to fulfill your needs in no time.

Engineering jobs take the longest time to hire, according to LinkedIn’s latest Workforce Report. The median turnaround for such roles — that is, the time from the day someone submits their application to the day they start on the job — is 49 days. A lot of companies cannot afford almost 50 days to add more team members and increase their productivity. That's why our clients choose us to fulfill those needs.

Our average from initial discovery call to the first day they start in their role is 2 weeks. This has a heavy dependency on how agile our clients' processes are, but on average, represents lowering the time-to-hire by 70% compared with hiring in-house engineers.

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Less Legal Responsibility & Paperwork

There are state and federal employment requirements in the United States and elsewhere that can make it challenging to hire an employee. Companies need to provide necessary forms and paperwork before the employee receives their first paycheck.

US companies are also required to provide each new hire with an employee handbook to be read and signed. The employee handbook helps the company mitigate potential lawsuits and prevents employees from becoming toxic to the workplace.

While Develative acts as the official employer, we also ensure that the new hires sign your company’s employee handbook.

When companies use Develative’s IT staff augmentation service, we act as an official employer. That means your company will not need to worry about taxes, payroll, employee benefits, etc. Develative carries legal responsibility and handles all the paperwork, so you don’t have to.

Your augmented staff members will not be exempt from following your company’s defined policies of how employees interact with each other and your company. The staff we provide will be expected to adjust to the behaviors and methodologies set forth by your company.

Increased Team Size and Productivity

Many technology companies and teams have realized that they need to stop employees from multitasking to boost productivity. Research reveals that when employees juggle multiple tasks, they can become less effective.

Development is one such complex task. Companies that outsource IT processes to our specialists lighten the workload on their employees, improving their performance and productivity as a result.

Here at Develative, our clients come to us because they want to increase their team size and boost their output without spending an absurd amount of money. They’ve realized that they don’t need to hire new employees if it isn’t necessary. Our staff augmentation services give companies everything they need for less than the amount they would spend on new hires.

There are many IT staff augmentation companies out there, but very few have the number of qualified developers we have.

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