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Boosting the real estate and construction industry through digital innovation

PlanOK is the leader in the real estate and construction industry in Latin America, this being the pioneer in Digital Transformation, giving services and solutions on a large scale to more than 250 clients.

They are continuously developing new products and digital solutions to help clients to improve their results and make the right business decisions.

The Challenge

The multifamily market is the second market with more investments in the real estate industry, where PlanOK as a leader, always is a step forward through the innovation of their products

During their innovation process, PlanOK developed a series of independent systems for each one of their departments with their proper integrations.

As a results-oriented business that is growing exponentially, PlanOK relies on third-party providers to staff their teams and speed up their development roadmap. 

When selecting a new partner, PlanOK looks for companies with a proven track record of hiring only the very best professionals.

Thanks to Develative’s experience with rigorous selection criteria as well as a strong focus on employee training and development, they decided to work with us.

The Develative Approach

The first PlanOK product we started supporting was their Property Management System. That is focused to make easy the commercialization and operation of assets, with a focus on the efficiency and profitability of the business.

Full-stack developers engineers from Develative worked on the development of new processes and features in order to improve their user experience, automating long time-consuming processes and scalability.

We’ve also joined another PlanOK department with the goal of developing new integrations with different partner APIs where Develative engineers needed to implement new strategies of data curation, release, testing of integrations, and leave with well-written documentation.

As a nearshore partner, we focused on keeping constant communication and transparency at all times. Our developer’s excellent soft skills and permanent availability made it possible.

The Results

Develative was able to exceed all expectations delivering pixel-perfect frontend projects helping the sales team to scale x2 their team of salespersons due to incremental growth and success.

PlanOK products were released on time before the expected date, giving time to add more improvements saving costs.

Develative is still working with the PlanOK team to add more features and continually improve the products.