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Yachtlife: Becoming the Airbnb for Luxury Yacht Rentals

YachtLife is a globally recognized company in the yacht industry making the process of chartering or purchasing a yacht easier than ever thought possible, they went a step further and created another industry first: a member’s club which boasts a suite of luxury partners ranging from American Express to Louis XIII.

The Challenge

We’ve partnered with YachtLife in the journey of understanding how luxury products are sold in a very competitive industry, we found that in order to sell premium, you need to be premium.

The Develative Approach

In order to make impact in the always competitive Yacht rental industry we went above and beyond with UI/UX design, allowing YachtLife to create unique experiences through engaging UI’s that created long lasting relationships customers.

Of course, this needed to be in good company of a product that feels easy and safe to use. We went “All In”. 2 native mobile apps (iOS and Android) and a React platform for the web.

A safe and reliable checkout process, we’ve used Stripe in order to handle payments and implemented Rekognition, an Amazon Web Services service to validate customers ID’s and pictures to provide full customer protection.

The Results

YachtLife was able to sky rocket his sales during the entire development process, steady and consistent releases were providing value to YachtLife and his customers every 3 weeks.

As a result of this unique experience we helped to build, YachtLife sold more and got referrals like TV-Personalities, NFL and NBA players and even customers from the competition.