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Unleashing the power of a US-based learning platform for K-12 students

Beereaders Inc, is an Austin-based startup is fostering the learning for K-12 Spanish-speaking students by improving their reading comprehension skills.

Beereaders's digital learning experience builds reading comprehension skills and strategies using adaptive learning in an instructionally sound and game-like environment.

The Challenge

Language learning for K-12 students has always been a behind in terms of innovation and Beereaders came to change that reality.

The goal was to create a digital reading experience that motivates and supports a whole new generation of Spanish-speaking students with authentic texts from around the Spanish-speaking world.

Engaging digital learning experience Our digital platform motivates students to read through a fun, game-based experience.

The Develative Approach

We were in charge of the creation of a new iOS and Android mobile application that was aimed to one of the pillars of the entire learning spectrum: The Families.

The family app was a big step forward for a company that raised capital and needed to integrate families into the learning experience of their loved ones.

Our team consisted of a Product Manager that handled the project as a whole, reporting periodically to Beereaders's CTO making sure our mobile development team had the tools and resources to make this app a success.

Relying on technologies like React Native and agile methodologies, a team of 2 mobile engineers, 1 solutions architect and a PM was built.

The Results

Beereader's Family app was a big success and our team delivered the application following pixel-perfect Figma designs.

The app was on both Android and iOS distribution channels on time and was completed under budget as the client requested.

Including the family in the learning experience was key in order to provide a 360-degree experience that skyrocketed the impact of the company as a whole.

We continue to collaborate with Beereaders as the company continues to innovate on the learning experience for Spanish speaking K-12 students.

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