How to Hire While Saving as a Tech Startup

How to hire highly skilled engineers while keeping costs in check as a tech startup? Nearshoring could be an option.

"How to find affordable, quality engineers?", is the big question technology and business leaders are asking under today's tight market conditions.

Pre-Seed and Seed stage tech startups face unique challenges that can hinder their growth and success. These companies often have limited resources and a small team, which makes it challenging to hire and retain skilled software engineers necessary to develop their software products.


Nowadays, it has become increasingly difficult to hire and retain skilled software engineers necessary to develop digital products within the allocated time and budget. This is because of a variety of factors that include:

  • Big rate hikes.

  • The need for complex and emerging software engineering skills.

  • Talent shortage.

Thankfully, the current range of virtual communication and project management tools has eliminated the requirement for businesses to have their development teams working in the same physical office space.


As a result, an increasing number of American companies are expanding their search beyond their usual talent sources and utilizing the expertise of proficient engineering teams located in regions that offer lower expenses and more convenient time zones, such as Latin America.

Certainly, locating and assessing exceptional tech professionals can be challenging, particularly if you have no prior experience hiring engineers in Latin America. Engaging a local partner may probably be necessary to accomplish this task successfully.

Outsourcing has been a beneficial means of efficiently accessing previously unexplored sources of skilled workers. However, this is not the sole benefit of utilizing this business resource.


To begin with, establishing an internal team can be a time-intensive process, involving searching, recruiting, and introducing new hires. When a company turns to outsourcing, these tasks can be completed much more swiftly.

Additionally, compensating software engineers is unquestionably one of the costlier aspects of the procedure. As per US news, the median salary for software developers in 2021 was $110,140, which is more than twice the average national personal income. By outsourcing to nearby locations, American companies can cut hiring and labor expenses by 60%.

Moreover, selecting to outsource offers businesses greater flexibility and scalability. Outsourcing provides a means of liberating internal resources, allowing them to focus on essential projects.

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